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Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

Catholic Education Western Australia’s organisational structure is designed to support the strategic direction and mission of Catholic education. We strive to support the delivery of an authentic Catholic education, aimed at improving learning outcomes and life opportunities for children, families and communities across WA.

The Catholic Education Western Australia Executive Team is led by the Executive Director, who is supported by the Deputy Executive Director and Director of Catholic Identity; Director of Teaching and Learning; Director of Governance and Administrative Services; Director of Finance, Planning and School Resources; Director of Community Engagement and Employee Services and Director of School Improvement.

Executive Team


Dr Debra Sayce

Executive Director

Prior to her appointment, Debra was Director of Religious Education at Catholic Education Western Australia, a role in which she was responsible for leading Catholic Identity, religious education and faith formation. A published author and lecturer at Notre Dame University, Debra has extensive experience in the education sector, focused on religious education, health and physical education and biological sciences. She is a member of the CECWA, National Catholic Education Commission, Australian Catholic Disability Council and Catholic Institute of Western Australia.


Peter Yensch

Deputy Executive Director
Director Religious Education

Peter has held school leadership positions across the state for the past three decades, including three principalships, as well as completing an appointment to the Religious Education and Curriculum Committee for Catholic Education Western Australia. Over his extensive years of service to Catholic schools in WA, Peter has fostered faith-filled learning communities and has promoted the distinctive identity of the Catholic faith and tradition in the schools he has led. Peter’s depth of understanding, service and direction in the areas of Catholic identity and educational leadership are needed now more than ever, at this challenging time for schools in Catholic education.

Tony Curry

Dr Tony Curry

Director Leadership and Employee Services

An experienced Catholic school principal and published author, Tony is responsible for driving school improvement across the system along with holding responsibility for leadership and regional offices. Tony’s career has spanned both primary and secondary settings across WA, as well as previously coordinating the leadership team at Catholic Education Western Australia. He holds three masters degrees and a Doctorate of Education.


Gerry Doyle

Director Finance, Planning and School Resources

Gerry has extensive corporate finance, financial planning and management experience gained in international environments in public and private sector organisations. He was previously Advisor to the OPEC Fund for International Development and holds formal qualifications as a Fellow of the Certified Practising Accountants (Australia), Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (UK) and has a Masters Degree in Business Administration.


Dr Edward Simons

Director Governance, Strategy and Digital Technology

Edward is responsible for a diverse portfolio of teams, including Strategy, Communications and Marketing, Administrative Services, Legal, Records Management and Audit and Compliance. He also leads the operational aspects of the CECWA. Edward’s background is in policy and strategy development, Government liaison and project management. He holds a Doctorate of Education and Masters in Educational Management from UWA and completed his Company Directors at AICD in 2017.


Eileen Climo

Director Teaching and Learning

Eileen is an instructional leader who has extensive teaching and leadership experience in schools across three countries.  She has held principalships in both regional and metro schools in WA.  Prior to taking up her current role, she was a School Improvement Advisor with CEWA, leading school improvement initiatives with school leadership teams. As Director Teaching and Learning, she is responsible for providing guidance for schools in the areas of Aboriginal Education, Early Years, Curriculum and Students with Disability.