CECWA and Sub-Committees

CECWA and Sub-Committees

CECWA and Sub-Committees

The Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) is appointed by the Bishops of Western Australia and has up to 17 members.

Commission membership is representative of all groups involved in Catholic education and members serve a three-year term, with eligibility for re-appointment for a second term.

The CECWA was established to ensure the Bishops’ Mandate for Catholic Education is implemented throughout WA. Its responsibilities are:

  • to foster the continuous development and improvement of Catholic schools and act on behalf of the Catholic community, for the benefit of all Catholic school-aged children
  • to generate official policy statements and assist individual Bishops with schools in their own diocese
  • to continue to recognise and make provision for religious institutes that operate Catholic schools in WA and will respect their particular charisms.

These responsibilities are exercised through the CECWA’s executive and administrative arm Catholic Education Western Australia in Perth and its regional offices in Broome, Bunbury and Geraldton.


Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA)

Bishop Gerard Holohan – Chair
Dr Debra Sayce – Deputy Chair
Dr Graeme Gower – Chair, Aboriginal Community Sub-Committee
Mr Wojciech Grzech – Chair, Audit and Risk Sub-Committee
Dr Joan Squelch – Chair, Curriculum Sub-Committee
Ms Mary Woodford – Chair, Catholic Education Community Sub-Committee
Professor Glennda Scully – Chair, Finance Sub-Committee
Bishop Don Sproxton
Sr Marion Beard
Br Kevin Paull
Mr Ivan Banks
Mrs Helen O’Toole
Mrs Helen Anderson
Mr Paul Rafferty
Dr Chris Hackett



CECWA has five sub-committees to advise and assist across the many diverse and important aspects of Catholic Education. Each sub-committee is tasked with overseeing, monitoring and providing strategic system and policy direction across its focus area.

The Standing Orders for Sub-Committees of the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia guides all sub-committees charged with assisting the CECWA in fulfilling its governance duties.

Aboriginal Community

Chair: Dr Graeme Gower

Brings an Aboriginal perspective to the work of Catholic Education in WA, providing access to quality education for Aboriginal children and promoting Aboriginal participation, inclusivity and mutual understanding in the wider community.

Audit and Risk

Chair: Mr Wojciech Grzech

Oversees and mitigates risk and ensures the compliance and sustainability of Catholic Education in WA.

Catholic Education Community

Chair: Ms Mary Woodford

Oversees the sustainability of Catholic Education by monitoring and evaluating the key factors that define it, especially the development of its people and faith communities. Ensures the system’s ability to sustain and deliver a strong Catholic identity whilst achieving goals of accessibility, affordability and diversity.


Chair: Dr Joan Squelch

Ensures a Catholic vision of the human person underpins processes and priorities within Catholic Education Western Australia and that our flourishing system educates the whole person, ensuring the integration of faith, life and culture underpins all that is taught.


Chair: Professor Glennda Scully

Ensures the financial sustainability of Catholic Education in WA. It monitors the system’s finances and provides guidance on areas including strategy development and sustainability, debt policies and processes, reporting and budgets.