Research in our Schools

Catholic Education Western Australia is responsible for approving research in Catholic schools and regional offices across the four Dioceses.

It is recognised that research is important in providing evidence to inform education policy making and practice. Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) is committed to continuous improvement and sees strategic partnerships with, and support for, researchers as an important way of achieving this.

CEWA reviews all research applications according to the Guidelines and Principles for Research in Western Australian Catholic Schools and Offices. It is recommended that researchers read these Guidelines before submitting a research application to CEWA.

Research applications should be submitted on the CEWA form “Application to Conduct Research in Western Australian Catholic Schools” and attach all relevant documentation (see links below). This application form contains a checklist of all required information and documentation. Incomplete applications are likely to be returned with a request for resubmission.

If you are proposing to conduct research in more than one state or territory, complete the National Application Form  and apply separately to each jurisdiction using this form.



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