Staff appointed to a position within Catholic education in Western Australia need to gain an understanding of the Gospel as it is transmitted through the Catholic Church, in order to carry out the responsibilities of their role.

All staff working in Catholic Education Western Australia, schools and offices, are required to complete relevant Accreditation programs:

1) Orientation

Our Orientation program welcomes new staff members to Catholic education in WA. All newly appointed staff are required to attend the one-day program within the first year of their appointment, and where possible, prior to taking up the appointment. The program is conducted by Catholic Education Western Australia during non-term time.

2) Faith Story and Witness

Faith Story and Witness is a module that assists school communities in welcoming new staff members. The module highlights the faith story of the school, the role staff have as witnesses of evangelisation and the Catholic nature of the school curriculum.

Staff are required to attend six hours of Faith Story and Witness within the first year of appointment, covering a number of sessions as determined by the school. Each school develops its own module and principals are responsible for the delivery of the program. A proforma facilitator’s package is available from CEWA.

3) Accreditation pathways

  • Accreditation to Work in a Catholic School
  • Accreditation to Teach in a Catholic School
  • Accreditation to Teach Religious Education
  • Accreditation for Leadership

4) Ongoing Renewal

More information for each is available below.

For further information on Catholic Education Western Australia’s Accreditation program please use the enquiry form below.

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