Religious Education

Religious Education

Religious Education

The Religious Education program in schools aims to help students learn the teachings of the Gospel as proclaimed by the Catholic Church. Students develop a sense of the nature of Christianity and how Christians live their lives as part of their learning.

Religious Education is taught to all students.

Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment

Students in Years 3, 5 and 9 complete the Bishops’ Religious Literacy Assessment, a curriculum-based assessment that reflects and supports the progressive nature of the K-12 Religious Education units. The assessment focuses on students’ ability to recall content about the Catholic faith and their knowledge and understanding of Religious Education. It is not designed to measure a student’s faith.

The purpose of the assessment is to provide individual schools with a snapshot of student performance in Religious Education. Comparisons between student performance are provided on student and school reports. Schools and students have the opportunity to compare students with their peers and other students across the state.

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