Student Wellbeing


Student Wellbeing

Catholic Education Western Australia has a strong focus on nurturing the wellbeing, strengths and gifts of every child.
We aim to create learning environments where students can thrive.

Investing in the wellbeing of children sets them up with a strong foundation to live their best possible life both now and in the future. The wellbeing of students is enriched when they feel safe, connected to each other, their teachers, their school and engaged in learning. Promoting wellbeing is also fundamental to students being ready to learn and supports optimal academic outcomes.

Our schools equip students with the knowledge and skills to cultivate their wellbeing through Religious Education, health, and wellbeing classes. We have a strong focus on pastoral care, and many of our schools employ mental health practitioners such as Social Workers and Psychologists to promote mental health and prevent and provide early intervention for mental illness.

The Catholic Education Western Australia Psychology Team also supports schools by working directly with students and provides consultation and expertise on a variety of areas including whole-school approaches to student wellbeing.

The Australian Government’s KidsMatter and MindMatters initiatives as well as organisations such as Youth Focus and Headspace also provide tools and support to our schools.