LEADing Lights

LEADing Lights

LEADing Lights

Transforming Learning for All

LEADing Lights is a world-leading, digital ecosystem for all Catholic schools and colleges throughout Western Australia.

Designed to foster a powerful social learning community to equip students with the technology and deep learning skills they need to reach their full potential.

The benefits of LEADing Lights include:

Future Proof: LEADing Lights is evergreen. It develops in line with the needs of our schools and society’s technological advancements.

Anytime Learning: Its tools can be used on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Resource Sharing: Teachers, students and parents benefit from the collective wisdom, diversity, intellectual property and resources of our community.

Education Innovation: Collaborative professional learning and a Virtual School is also being developed to improve courses available to remote and marginalised students.

Focused Learning: This allows our schools and teachers to focus on their core business of educating.

To learn more about our LEADing Lights initiative, download our 2018 Leading Lights Brochure.

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