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Catholic Education Western Australia is planning to open a new Catholic College in Madora Bay. The new Catholic college to open in 2025 for Pre-Kindergarten to Year 2.

Additional year levels will be added each year, until the college is offering Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 in 2035, as shown in the table below:

Year Offered from
Pre-Kindergarten (3-year old Kindergarten) 2025
Kindergarten 2025
Pre-Primary 2025
Year 1 2025
Year 2 2025
Year 3 2026
Year 4 2027
Year 5 2028
Year 6 2029
Year 7 2030
Year 8 2031
Year 9 2032
Year 10 2033
Year 11 2034
Year 12 2035

Catholic Education Western Australia is now accepting Expressions of interest from all families wishing to enrol their children at Madora Bay Catholic College.

We will keep families up to date on the progress and will invite them to submit their enrolment application as soon as official applications open.

To find out when your child can start school and at what year level, please refer to this calculator.

For more information, please contact Gunther De Vos at or on 08 9380 1849.

School Age Calculator

School Age Calculator

Enter details to determine when your child can start school


Prior to first year of school, child will be in

Kindergarten in 2022

As the first year of Primary, child will be in

Pre-Primary in 2023

Child will enter Primary school

Year 1 in2024

Location map

The college will be located at the corner of Madora Beach Road and Mandurah Road – highlighted in purple on the Map.

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