St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School


School Description

St Andrew’s Catholic Primary School is a co–educational, double stream primary school from Kindergarten to Year 6. (Playgroup years of age 1, 2 -3 is also in operation). It offers an education that acknowledges, respects and nurtures the uniqueness of each person. We provide focused teaching in literacy and numeracy to students from diverse, multicultural backgrounds.

Specialist teachers provide Indonesian, Physical Education, Library, Music and ICT, using our well-equipped facilities. Complementary programmes include extension, integrated arts, Reading Recovery, LLI, EMU and an instrumental tuition program. We are involved in interschool athletics, swimming lessons, regional tournaments, competitions, lightning carnivals, performing arts and cross country competitions. All children are encouraged to participate. Other opportunities for student involvement include: band, choir, chess club and Young Vinnies.

St Andrew’s also operates a number of different intervention programs and strategies for students at risk – academically, developmentally or socially. Many children arrive in Kindy with delayed literacy and numeracy skills. This is evidenced in the school’s AEDI data, which directs the early intervention strategies employed by the school.

The school continues its focus on the Keys to Comprehension and Habits of Mind, which are integrated across all curriculum areas. The school also encourages the continued use of Contemporary teaching paedology Thinking Skills, including the Six Thinking Hats, Thinkers Keys, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Habits of the Mind, as examples.

Transformation is strongly encouraged at St Andrew’s. The use of learning technologies within the classroom is up to date with a new of new initiatives being introduced each year and implemented throughout the contemporary learning environment. Interactive whiteboards are installed throughout the school with large numbers of Ipads in classrooms per year level. There is a bank of 32 computers in the Library. A BYOD Program for Years 4 – 6 is implemented throughout the school, with students with special needs being the first users of these. There is a focus on cyberbullying each year throughout the school.

Our school community is very supportive and we have close links with St Andrew’s Parish. Each year we operate a playgroup, for future students of St. Andrews age ranging from 1 – 3 Years of age. OSHClub operates out of the school hours and Vacation Care from our school site and neighbouring sites.

Archdiocese of Perth

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60 Victorsen Parade
Clarkson WA 6030

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