Teaching Roles

Teaching Roles

Teaching Roles

Teachers in Catholic schools are part of a vibrant community, where opportunities come to life and connect through Christ-centred learning for all.

Being part of Catholic education in WA gives teachers a chance to share their passion for learning in a range of educational settings – from small remote schools to large metropolitan colleges – teaching students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

All our schools select and recruit their own staff, offering choice and flexibility for teachers to find the school that best fits their needs and preferences.

Vacancies are posted on the school website, the Catholic Education Western Australia website and other print and online platforms. Applications are submitted directly to the Principal.

With the support of Catholic Education Western Australia’s single, state-based system, teachers will have opportunities to broaden their professional and learning experiences through professional learning, accreditation and leadership development programs.

Teachers in Catholic schools have a responsibility to foster the school’s mission through its life and curriculum, with an understanding of the Gospel as conveyed through the Catholic teaching.

When applying for a role in our schools, please check the role requirements in the job description.