We are delighted to welcome you to our community of 162 Catholic schools and colleges.

Our schools, colleges and learning centres have been a central part of the Western Australian education landscape for over 150 years and constitute the second largest primary and secondary education provider in Western Australia.

Together, our shared Catholic tradition and the child-centred learning practices inherent in each of our schools and colleges have enabled generations of young people to examine and realise their unique gifts, talents and abilities.

Catholic schools and colleges place emphasis on the potential of every student. In preparing for emerging challenges facing young people in an ever-changing world, our schools and colleges offer diverse academic programs and learning pathways.

Our aim is to support all students to think independently and learn to know, love and respect themselves and others. Our schools embrace Christian virtues and are communities of hope where students, staff and families are treated with dignity and respect.

The challenge for Catholic schools is to radiate hope for the future of all students. It is to embrace Gospel messages and values in each of our classrooms; bringing to life the joy of learning, a spirit of service and a culture of excellence.

In the words of John Paul II, we are called on “to be people who live with gratitude for the past, enthusiasm for the present and hope for the future”.

Welcome to Catholic Education Western Australia.