Kimberley Calling

Birlirr Ngawiyiwu School 6 students and their teacher laughing together against a painted mural background

Kimberley Calling

Is the Kimberley Calling you?

Applications open now for both 2022 and 2023 positions.

Flyers for 2022 information sessions:

We are seeking teachers, open to the experience of learning, living and serving in the Catholic school communities of the Kimberley, who will inspire and engage each student of the Broome Diocese through the provision of a quality Catholic education.


Kimberley Calling is an innovative CEWA staffing initiative which assists Principals in the recruitment of quality teachers to the thirteen Catholic Schools of the Broome Diocese, and provides potential teachers with information on how working in this region offers an abundance of rich personal, professional, cultural and environmental experiences, and truly unique opportunities and challenges. Educators interested in teaching in Kimberley Catholic schools apply to enter the Kimberley Calling teacher pool; principals then recruit staff from candidates who have been accepted into the pool.

There are thirteen Catholic schools in the Broome Diocese, spanning the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia. These schools are culturally rich learning environments that enable strong professional growth, two-way learning opportunities and the ability to deepen one’s knowledge and understanding of the cultures and languages of First Nations people. They are places where those who are keen to make a significant difference in the lives of students through the provision of a quality Catholic education can do so.

We are looking for early childhood, primary and secondary teachers who:

  • prioritise relationship building as the foundation to learning success
  • are passionate about student learning
  • listen and learn from others with experience
  • seek to walk together with and learn from Aboriginal people
  • are committed to the vision and mission of Catholic Education
  • are able to differentiate curriculum and adapt methodologies to meet the learning needs of students
  • possess a growth mindset
  • connect, collaborate and communicate
  • are flexible, creative and innovative
  • have a strong work ethic
Christ The King School Catholic School teacher and 4 students outside weaving wool cooperatively

Working in Kimberley Catholic schools enables teachers to gain experience delivering flexible and innovative educational programs to students in remote areas, ensuring they have access to high quality education and improved outcomes. Working in this unique context enables teachers to gain an awareness of worldviews other than their own and significantly strengthens competency in:

  • Building relationships that underpin student success
  • Embedding Positive Behaviour approaches in the classroom
  • Differentiating curriculum delivery
  • Personalised learning
  • Two-way learning
  • Effective planning and curriculum delivery for students with English as an Additional Language/Dialect
  • Trauma-Informed Practice
  • Creating culturally safe learning environments
  • Teacher flexibility, independence and innovation to contextualise learning and make it relevant and engaging

Teachers in Kimberley Catholic schools can gain leadership experience in the areas of curriculum, administration, Religious Education and community engagement. All staff benefit from quality professional learning to enhance their ability to be culturally responsive, engage in reflective practice, deepen pedagogical knowledge and improve professional practice. Through day-to-day immersion in school and community life, teachers become more agile as they appreciate the nuance of context, gain awareness of differing worldviews and build relationships with students, their families and communities.

"It’s incredibly rewarding, it’s something I’d definitely recommend doing. It’s not without it’s challenges and you really need to ensure that your career and you personally are in the right place to make the move to a remote school, but I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it, and I would recommend it to any teacher out there."

John – Teacher, John Pujajangka-Piyirn Catholic School, Mulan

John Pujajangka Piyirn School Mulan teacher helping young primary students with bookwork, writing practice

Applying for Kimberley Calling

Teachers who want to work in a Kimberley Catholic school can apply for the Kimberley Calling pool by submitting an Expression of Interest Form, Curriculum Vitae and cover letter, which will be reviewed by the Kimberley Calling panel. The panel conduct referee checks, and offer shortlisted applicants an initial interview.

Following the initial interview, applicants who are recommended by the panel will go into the Kimberley Calling pool. All Kimberley Catholic school principals are notified of applicant details so they can make an informed decision in recruiting staff whose profile aligns to the needs of the school.

Principals will contact suitable candidates for a further interview. The principal is then responsible making and offer of employment and conducting all further aspects of the employment process.

How to Apply

Teachers interested in working in a Catholic school in the Kimberley are invited to submit an application by email.

Optional: Applicants can include a link on their cover letter to a two-minute video, introducing themselves and outlining their desire to work in a Kimberley Catholic school. The following guidelines may assist with video submissions:

  • Create your video using a simple device like a phone or tablet.
  • Save or upload your video to a location where you can easily create a shareable URL link such as OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, YouTube or Facebook
  • Embed your video in your cover letter as a hyperlink. Eg. Please find the video of my rationale for applying to teach in a Catholic school in the Kimberley here.
  • Check that your hyperlink works for anyone who has access to it.

Teachers must have current eligibility to work in Australia, must be registered or eligible for registration with the Teachers Registration Board of Western Australia, and must have a Working With Children Check before commencing work in a school in WA.

Further information on Kimberley Catholic schools can be found using the School Map Search.

Applications must include:

1. A completed Expression of Interest form
2. A cover letter outlining their suitability to a teaching position. The cover letter should be addressed as follows:
  Kimberley Calling Staffing Initiative
  Catholic Education Western Australia
  Broome Regional Office
  PO Box 1451 Broome, Western Australia 6725
3. A current Curriculum Vitae
4. A copy of most recent qualification and/or transcript
5. Final Practicum Placement Report (for graduates)

“The things that I’m learning now at school will help me remember that I’m smart and that I should never give up.” 

Year 5 student, Warlawurru Catholic School, Red Hill/Lundja Community

Kimberley Calling Relief Work & Short Term Appointment Register

Many Kimberley Catholic schools, do not have access to local relief teachers and short-term staff because of their location and the small size of the communities they serve. In a spirit of co-responsibility in CEWA schools, we are seeking relief teachers who are able to undertake short terms of relief work.

This is an ongoing and urgent need. Short-term appointments can range from one week up to one year.

To address this need, Kimberley Calling is creating a year-round register of qualified and committed teachers, interested in short-term appointments. Teachers on this register may be contacted at any time during the school year, flown to the school and accommodated whilst teaching at the school. For those considering a longer-term appointment, this is an excellent way to immerse oneself in community life and experience the richness of teaching in these unique environments.

If you are interested in registering as a short-term relief teacher in CEWA Kimberley schools, please discuss this with your Principal, complete the Expression of Interest Form and submit it to:

"If you make the effort to get involved in the community the community embraces you back... I also like the idea at the school, that you’re definitely making a difference, you feel that you are giving something pastorally to the students that are here. They’re very motivated, they want to do their best… and I just find that’s really gratifying, it makes work purposeful."

Vicki, Teacher, St Mary’s College, Broome

St Mary's College Broome. 6 students sitting with their teacher outside at a picnic table