Catechists teach the Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) and are generally volunteers who are willing to share their faith with children.

They perform their work on behalf of the parish community – connecting children and their families with the parish and the broader Church.

Parishes always welcome new Catechists. If you think you might be interested and would like to learn more, please contact your Parish Priest, Catechist Coordinator or the Catechist Service at Catholic Education Western Australia.

The Catechist Service

The Catechist Service provides resources, training and information to support the work of parish Catechists and Sacrament Coordinators.

An Initial Formation Course is provided every year to those interested in sharing their faith with children and enabling them to be commissioned as Catechists.

Courses and events are offered throughout the year to help Catechists obtain the knowledge, skills, formation and confidence to perform their catechetical work and to nurture their personal faith journey.