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In the spirit of co-responsibility in CEWA schools, we are seeking relief teachers who can undertake short term relief work.

Many Kimberley Catholic schools do not have access to local relief teachers and short-term staff due to their location and the small size of the communities they serve. This is an ongoing and urgent need, with short-term appointments ranging from one week up to one year.

To address this need, Kimberley Calling is creating a year-round register of qualified and committed teachers, interested in short-term appointments. Teachers on this register may be contacted at any time during the school year, flown to the school and accommodated whilst teaching at the school. For those considering a longer-term appointment, this is an excellent way to immerse oneself in community life and experience the richness of teaching in these unique environments.

If you are interested in relief and short-term employment in Kimberley Catholic schools, applications should be submitted via our website:


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