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At times issues may arise or you require greater insight into a particular circumstance. As a first step, if you have any queries or concerns, engaging with your care provider, your child’s teacher or principal is the best way to start.

If you have a concern regarding your child’s care service, education or a situation which has occurred at school, speaking with the teacher or staff member involved is an important first step.  You may choose to contact the teacher or staff member in person or by email.

Your school will help you to understand the process required when raising concerns with them.  They can also help you understand who is best placed to help and how long a response for your query may take.

You should raise your concern with the care service manager or  school principal if:

  • You were unable to achieve a satisfactory outcome with the teacher or staff member
  • The matter is about the conduct of the teacher or staff member
  • The matter is about another aspect of school life that is impacting your child’s education/ experience at the care service.

If the matter concerns the conduct of the school principal, you are encouraged to Connect with CEWA.

General School Enquiries

Contact Your School

Contact your school with general enquiries which may include:  

  • Enrolment procedures

  • School calendar information

  • Day-to-day matters such as uniforms or class timetables

Contact your school in person, by phone or email.

Contact details are listed on school websites, click here for CEWA’s School Finder.


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