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Years Offered

  • 7-12
  • Secondary
  • Boys

Focus Areas

  • Academic
  • Music
  • Arts
  • Sports
  • Information Technology


  • Italian

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CBC Fremantle works with families through unique pastoral care programmes that honour a boy's rite of passage to manhood, developing today's boys into the gentlemen of tomorrow.

Our School

Our mission is to continue the work of our founder and to provide opportunities for the holistic development of all of the young men entrusted to our care. CBC Fremantle specialises in boys’ education and is committed to providing a tailored programme in support of the needs of each student. We understand that the quality of relationships is critically important in the lives and education of our boys. For them to fully grow, it is essential that everyone they encounter at school has an interest in their development beyond their capabilities as a student. Our extensive co-curricular and pastoral care programmes are carefully planned to foster a sense of belonging and identity in each of our young men. We also understand the imperative for boys to be challenged in all facets of their lives and their need to experience success. The diversity of the programmes that we offer and the encouragement that we give each student to become involved in school life helps to ensure that the individual gifts and talents of each boy are recognised and developed. An education at CBC Fremantle challenges its graduates to be independent thinkers with the courage and persistence to confront injustice in our society. It decries the mediocrity so often prevalent in popular culture and encourages our young men to seek different and better ways to express what they believe. In short, they are encouraged to discover what has worth in this world, to place value upon it and then to strongly represent their beliefs. CBC Fremantle is a thriving and innovative community which acknowledges parents as the primary educators of their sons. By being explicit about our College values and our aspirations for each of the young men in our care, we invite like-minded parents to trust that we will reinforce their work. Our strength and effectiveness as a College depends upon the home and school combining to deliver a consistent message to each boy about what it means to develop as a good young man. We invite new families to become part of our school community. We welcome all new students and their parents to share in the realisation of our vision and we commit to supporting your son in his journey from boyhood to gentleman.

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