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Years Offered

  • K-12
  • Composite
  • Co-Educational

Focus Areas

  • Academic
  • Information Technology


  • Kindy
  • Education Support Centres

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Corpus Christi College is a co-educational Catholic College focused on future-proofing their students, developing their skills to connect with others and challenging them to be curious and creative.

Our School

The College was established by the Catholic Education Commission of WA (CECWA) and officially opened on 17 April 1983 by the Archbishop of Perth, Sir Launcelot Goody and the Commonwealth Minster for Finance, Mr John Dawkins.  This was seen as a landmark for Catholic education in WA as Corpus Christi College was the first non-Order owned co-educational Catholic secondary college in the Archdiocese of Perth established by the Catholic Education Commission.

In 1983, the College opened its doors with 128 Year 8 students and seven teaching staff under the Principal, Father Robert McCormack.  Year 7 students entered secondary schooling at the College in 2009.

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