Lumen Christi College


School Description

Lumen Christi College is a Catholic, co-educational Secondary College located in the suburb of Martin in the foothills of Perth. With nearly 1000 students from Year 7 through to Year 12, the College continues to respond to the growing demand of families from within our local parishes and from the rapidly expanding surrounding areas.

Our College name, Lumen Christi – ‘The Light of Christ’ identifies our Church status. Our name calls us, individually and as a community, to be beacons of the Gospel. That is, people who help make God known and present in our world today – people who are a ‘light for others’, serving as school and community leaders and acting as agents of change in creating a more just society.

Our Mission Statement emphasises the vital task of our College; ‘To form resilient young men and women with a passion to learn and to be a light for others’. This mission is at the heart of all College pursuits and endeavours.

Our Guiding Lights underpin our mission and are a daily reminder of the way that we will approach our daily teaching and learning.

We are called to be a:

  • Light of Faith
    To have an optimistic faith and to appreciate and be good stewards of the blessings of life.
  • Light of Excellence
    We are challenged to shine, to develop our gifts, to achieve our personal best and to share our talents for the benefit of others.
  • Light of Welcome
    We are challenged to welcome, to develop an inclusive Community and to be a safe place where all are known and belong.
  • Light of Example
    We are challenged to lead, to demonstrate respect, understanding and compassion for others and to make a difference.
  • Light of Creativity
    We are challenged to value ideas, to explore possibilities, to have an optimistic faith and to appreciate diversity.

The College is situated on an expansive 38 hectares of land, that includes; a private dam; three ovals; four tennis courts; a Sports Centre, and a Performing Arts Centre.

Lumen Christi College offers the widest range of ATAR and
Vocational Course options in the area, providing students with extensive opportunities to learn and develop within a safe and secure learning environment.

Archdiocese of Perth

Contact Details

81 Station Street
Martin WA 6111

9394 9300