Mercedes College


School Description

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1846, Mercedes College offers young women from Year 7 to 12 an outstanding Catholic education based on the Mercy values of compassion, justice, excellence, integrity and service.

Situated in the heart of the City of Perth and located in the City’s beautiful heritage precinct, the College offers students an extensive range of excellent academic, cultural and sporting opportunities in a unique and dynamic learning environment.

At the heart of the College community is a commitment to nurturing faith and building relationships. Each member of the community is called to walk in the footsteps of Christ and in doing so honour the heritage of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy.

Being innovators in girls’ education, we pride ourselves on being dedicated to meet the needs of all of our students: equipping them to become leaders of the future. Our teaching and learning programs focus on meeting individual needs and catering for many future pathways. We believe in learning intervention and identification of our students learning needs from the earliest possible moment. Students are challenged in their classes to continually strive for excellence. Teaching staff are dedicated to supporting and guiding the girls to achieve and celebrate success.

Pastoral Care

Mercedes College has a vision that calls us to create a caring community where students and staff get to know each other in a mutually respectful and nurturing environment.

The Pastoral Care program is centred on God, embracing the spirit of Catherine McAuley. The program is concerned with maximising learning and growth, while developing the students’ values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and practices. Students are encouraged to develop a positive self-image reflecting self-awareness, courage and resilience, as well as caring for others, the community and the environment.


Mercedes College plays host to a diverse number of social, religious, pastoral and community-based projects all of which are aimed at providing opportunities for students to develop compassionate and meaningful attitudes to the world around them. Ministry is a collaborative partnership between students, staff, parents, the Sisters of Mercy and the Cathedral parish. The faith life and spirituality of students, staff and parents are fostered through prayer, liturgical celebrations and theological reflection.


Students develop skills and interests in a range of academic, cultural and sporting activities, which contribute to the broad education experience offered by the College. A vibrant arts scene is reflected in a bustling program from choral singing to orchestral music, the House Arts Festival and drama productions.


Facilities include the Chapel, modern science learning and multi-purpose sports facility, swimming, pool, Fitness Centre, Performing Arts Centre, Media Department (including Radio Station and television suite), Confucious Classroom dedicated to the teaching of Chinese, a Year 12 Learning space, and Wellness Centre.

Archdiocese of Perth

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