St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School


School Description

St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School was opened on site in July 2014 with a kindergarten class.

We are one of two schools, St Anthony’s Primary School within the St Anthony of Padua Catholic Parish. Father John Daly is our Parish Priest, he visits us regularly particularly to celebrate our liturgies which are prepared by the teachers.

We also attend a Community Mass at St Anthony’s Church once a term on a Sunday.
Our Vision, Mission and Motto provide the context for the living out our core values and associated principles; Charity, Service, Humility and Compassion.

We aim to;

  • Deliver excellence in education to enable our students to become successful life long learners, responsible citizens, effective communicators and confident individuals.
  • Acknowledge parents as their child’s first educators. They are informed through effective and ongoing communication and encouraged to share the responsibility of their child’s education.
  • Cultivate a safe, secure and happy environment where staff, parents and students work together to maximise our learning potential.
  • Foster an open and welcoming partnership to strengthen relationships, school, parish and the wider community.

As we move towards 2018 we will cater for kindergarten children to year three. One of our proactive mothers Belinda Stewart has a playgroup once a week on site.
We are pleased to offer Before and After School Care with Camp Australia opening at 6:30am – 8:20am and 2:50pm – 6:00pm. Krystal Nguyen is our Coordinator, experienced and much loved by the children.

St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary School will overtime develop the capacity to become a double stream, coeducational school catering for a three year old program through to our student leaders in year six. If you are interested in an excellent quality Catholic education, please complete an Application for Admission form and forward the Application with the supporting documentation to the school.

Archdiocese of Perth

Contact Details

30 Ranworth Road
Hocking WA 6065

9303 7600

9303 7636