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St Joseph’s School


School Description

St Joseph’s School is a Catholic primary school established by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart in 1913. The school continues now in the spirit of St Mary of the Cross, Australia’s first saint. We place an emphasis on caring for one another, learning from our mistakes and developing our skills and knowledge across a broad range of learning areas.

Much research shows that teachers have the greatest in-school influence on student achievement, so we invest heavily in our staff and encourage their growth and learning as much as possible. They regularly attend professional learning events, work collaboratively with other staff members in planning and observation and make the most of opportunities to share professional conversations about our students.

St Joseph’s School places great value on working with parents to meet the educational and socio-emotional needs of our students. We encourage all parents to develop positive relationships with their child’s teachers and to be involved in school events.

A broad and comprehensive curriculum supports the needs of all students, with literacy and numeracy being the major focus throughout the school. The school has a well-resourced library that also houses the computer lab. Interactive whiteboards, iPads, Chromebooks and computers are available in each classroom. Specialist areas include Library, Information Technology, Science and Physical Education.

The school has a dynamic and enthusiastic staff of 31, ranging from new graduates to experienced teachers, education assistants, Aboriginal teacher assistants, administrative and grounds staff.

Archdiocese of Perth

Contact Details

Kintore Street
Moora WA 6510

9690 8888

9651 1987