St Luke’s Catholic Primary School


School Description

St Luke’s Catholic Primary School is a double stream primary school comprised of 470 students from Kindergarten to Year 6. Our school’s vision reflects the two books of St Luke’s Gospel and seeks to inspire our students to develop their talents and power, always in the service of people. Every child’s cultural background is valued and integrated into school life so that each child can grow to spiritual, personal and social maturity, in an environment of understanding, acceptance and happiness.

The school has a modern teaching and learning program that caters for individual differences. We work closely with the Telethon Speech and Hearing Centre for Children. Support programs in literacy are a feature of our early intervention focus and specialist Visual Arts, Music and Dance programs compliment the comprehensive academic curriculum offered at St Luke’s. Our students also participate in a high quality Physical Education program with many opportunities to engage in interschool sporting events.

All of the senior students are encouraged to be leaders of the school with many opportunities given to hone skills and develop confidence. A welcoming school atmosphere, with a child-friendly physical environment that is creative and inspiring, provides a wonderful setting for all who learn and work here.

Archdiocese of Perth

Contact Details

17 Duffy Terrace
Woodvale WA 6026

9309 2949