St Mary’s School


School Description

St Mary’s School is a small, co-educational facility with composite classes from Kindergarten to Year Six. The school was established the school in 1868 and has strong links to the Presentation Sisters and the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. The school has a strong relationship with the St Mary’s Parish, working together to enact and embed the school’s vision of providing an education that endeavours to equip each child with the Christian values and life skills necessary to meet the challenges of a changing world.

At St Mary’s School, our motto, ‘For God and Country’ is at the heart of all facets of school life. Our thoughts, words, actions and learning centre on God and our country from a local, national and global perspective.


– Embedding of the Fruit of the Spirit across all areas of the school
– Involvement in Meals on Wheels
– Weekly reading to the elderly (Brookview Bookworms)
– Specialist Learning Areas: Dance, Science, Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Languages
– Water Wise and Waste Wise School
– Crunch & Sip School
– Learning Walks and Talks conducted regularly
– Use of Data Walls to inform teaching and learning
– Strong links to the Parish
– Strong parent involvement
– Supportive School Board and P&F

Diocese of Geraldton

Contact Details

26 Mary Street
Northampton WA 6535

9934 1112

9934 1115