St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School


School Description

St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School is a triple-stream, modern Catholic co-educational school catering for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year Six. At St Simon Peter we strive to allow for each and every individual to reach their full potential based on our Motto of ‘Love One Another’. The school operates a Special Education Centre with a dedicated team of specialist teachers and trained assistants. The Centre is available to families in the region for children with special needs and in particular children with a high level of need. The school has a Gifted and Talented Program for academically able children, an extensive music tuition program and a strong interest in the performing arts.

Intervention programs have a strong emphasis in the school. There are three support teachers, a network of Education Assistants working in the classrooms and a Reading Recovery program (2 trained teachers working with children in Year 1/2) who are experiencing difficulty in the literacy area. Extending Mathematical Understanding is a Mathematics intervention program that operates in Year 2 for children experiencing difficulty in numeracy. Pastoral Care is also a strong feature of the school with small-group work carried out by school counsellors in self-esteem, anxiety, social skills and other health services and programs available on site.

The school has a Long Day Care facility for 3 and 4 year olds and also manages Before and After School Day Care, as well as Vacation Care for school age students that operates in the school grounds all year round. The school has recently launched a four year Strategic Plan (2016-2019) that operates under the LEAD strategic initiative being offered by CEWA.

Archdiocese of Perth

Contact Details

18 Prendiville Avenue
Ocean Reef WA 6027

9301 6888

9301 6890