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School Snapshot

Years Offered

  • PK-6
  • Primary
  • Co-Educational

Focus Areas

  • Arts
  • Sports
  • Science/STEM
  • other
  • Health


  • Pre-kindy
  • Kindy

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St Thomas' Primary School, Claremont, is a vibrant co-educational primary school with a reputation for providing a welcoming, involved and academically diverse environment for its students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Our School

St Thomas’ Primary School is part of a strong and nurturing community. It has an excellent reputation for providing a welcoming, involved and academically diverse environment for its students. The whole child is being nurtured at St Thomas’, not only through the Religious Education and strong academic programs, but also through extra-curricular programs where all talents are valued.

The school facilities have been maintained and upgraded over the years and thus, the school has an excellent infrastructure. A whole school approach and commitment to collaborative processes for the purposes of school improvement ensures that St Thomas’ continues to thrive. Whilst the school learns from the past, our focus in very much on educating for the future.

Professional development for staff, which is connected to school priorities, ensures that initiatives and priorities are implemented effectively. Access to a well-resourced Library and Information Technology Centre, together with digital technologies throughout the school, support both staff and students in curriculum implementation and acquisition. Specialist teachers in Art, Health, Physical Education, Science and Music, support the rich and diverse education available to the children. We have an extensive coding and robotics program at St. Thomas’ and run a highly regarded iPad program throughout the school. We also offer both extension and support staff to cater for all children’s needs.

We acknowledge the vital role of parents and we recognise and value the importance of parents and carers as the first educators of their children. We encourage and have the expectation that you will be our partners in the education of your children so that the best results for each child can be achieved. We hope that parents will feel a part of our school and we encourage personal involvement and co-operation.

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